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Mobile Testing

Mobile web app testing is where the software industry is heading towards at a very fast pace. The sooner we understand, adapt and implement the best practices followed in the mobile web app testing industry, the better we will stand in the market.

Through this post I wish to share my thoughts on the growing trends of the mobile web app testing. My aim here is to provide a roadmap of sorts for achieving efficient mobile app testing.

Selecting the Right Approach
With over 300 million smart phones shipped to US in 2011 and with mobile app store sales increasing $6 Billion, the very first activity is to identify your market and respond quickly with high quality mobile applications. In order to ensure quality in your mobile web applications a new test approach designed specifically to address the unique needs and challenges of the dynamic and extremely fragmented mobile app market is indispensable.
Along with the right test approach it is also important to select the right mobile testing solution that covers all functional and performance aspects of the application under test.

Testing Approach
* First begin the testing by using the desktop browsers to discover any kind of functional defects in the mobile application and ensure the functionality is complete and in sync with the requirements.

* In the next phase, use device emulators to test the browser and platform compatibility.

* Finally, ensure that the mobile application is tested on most of the popular devices for any kind of device specific issues.

Points to consider while testing