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Oracle Webcenter Features

Business users can contribute and manage Web content in real-time, with intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop content authoring and layout capabilities designed for the non-technical user.

Administrators are empowered to create and manage a sophisticated Web presence with ease through an advanced interface for power users.

IT and the various lines of business are enabled to work together seamlessly through powerful, targeted interfaces to deliver effective online communications via a wide variety of Web and mobile properties.

Sophisticated Customer Segment-Based Targeting and Predictive Targeting via Oracle Real-Time Decisions Integration

Significantly improve retention and conversion of site visitors by targeting specific customer segments with relevant recommendations and promotions. The enhanced Web experience improves customer loyalty, drives revenue, and increases campaign effectiveness.

Targeting functionality empowers marketers to create and manage targeted campaigns with simple interfaces. Marketers can create rules defining what content will be delivered to each customer segment online.

Dynamic delivery and predictive analytics capabilities enable the right content to be delivered to the right visitor in real time with easy-to-use tools to quickly deploy, edit, and analyze multi-channel, large-scale, content-rich, compelling Web experiences with optimized, targeted content to any device.