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An Implementation Partner You Can Trust

If you're using or considering SAP as your ERP Solution, you already know or have considered the investment you're making.Having the right delivery partner to ensure your investment is a success and shows a return is one of the most important decisions you'll make.

STS has the experience and expertise to help you optimize and and get the most out of your investment.From requirement gathering to business continuity post implentation and complex  integrations, STS is a delivery partner with tried and true best practices you can rely on. Whether you need hands on professional services from the ground up or an audit or assessment of your current build or strategy, STS can get your project on the path to success.

here is is why you choose us:

  • Silicon Tech Solutions is the value-add Global service provider for SAP system solutions for small to large enterprises. 
  • Leveraging our complementary products to go with standard SAP offerings, our customers have seen 10% to 40% savings over three years.
  • We are a global business and SAP consulting firm and a strategic partner for Services, Development, VAR and HCP (HANA Cloud Platform).
  • We also maintain partnerships and reseller agreements with hosting providers, content providers, and industry organizations. 
  • These partnerships not only grant us priority access to the latest releases, most current industry information and strong industry ties, but we also can pass along these benefits to our clients.
  • Highly adaptable to client needs.
  • Post implementation support and training at very competitive rates.