SAP Global Trade Services

SAP GTS Overview

The dynamics and complexities of the trade landscape between countries shift constantly in the International trade arena, which complicates the implementation of a streamlined automated process that keeps abreast with up-to-date regulations and compliance enabled transactions for organizations. Besides, compliance checks at all levels of a product lifecycle, from procurement to manufacture and selling, hold paramount importance for any business.

SAP Global Trade Services precisely aims at overcoming those aforementioned hurdles through an all-in-one solution which, besides continually monitoring for updates in trade regulations and compliance updates, offer monitoring and application of ‘restricted party’ and ‘denied party’ screening, classification of material transfer against various tariff codes, and classification required for licenses. The solution further facilitates the generation of export documents, which may be forwarded to customs brokers, or directly to customs even.

In short, SAP GTS is an all-in-one solution facilitating real-time business operations scalability keeping in tandem with the dynamic nature of regulatory reforms.

It is hardly a wonder that SAP GTS is the first ever software vendor to receive the coveted CBPis ACE certification.


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