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With Silicon Tech Solution, Inc.’s SAP S/4HANA practices, customers can unlock the power of data and leverage it at every level of the organization. With the services of experienced professionals at hand, customers are assured end-to-end assistance; right from initial assessments to defining an SAP S/4HANA strategy and roadmap as well as analyzing its results and performance. This process is carried out phase-wise, by providing customers Proof of Concepts throughout the lifecycle of the SAP S/4HANA project.

Silicon Tech Solution, Inc. focuses on outcome-based framework solutions, with measurable returns on investment. An ability to execute tactical needs without losing sight of strategic objectives, excellent interpersonal skills, and depth and versatility in SAP S/4HANA technical competencies make Silicon Tech Solutions, Inc.’ professionals a class apart.

Silicon Tech Solution, Inc. is a SAP HANA Cloud Platform Partner and has extensive experience implementing SAP Hybris Cloud for Service: Support Site edition that offers customers a self-service support site while reducing service costs.

Silicon Tech Solutions, Inc. has implemented SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and integrated with SAP and Non-SAP backend solution as part of a Hybrid Cloud approach enabled by SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) for various customers. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer requires real-time integration with the back-end systems. Master data (accounts, prospects, contacts, territory assignments and so on) and transactional data (leads, opportunities, activities and so on) are some of the required features to be integrated.

Silicon Tech Solutions, Inc. can host workshops and roadmaps: To provide detail and justify your strategy for S/4 HANA with business scenario evaluation, target architecture, transformation roadmap, implementation strategy, and business case.

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