SAP Warehouse Management

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As supply chain costs increase and consumer choices shift dynamically, organizations require efficient warehouse processes for growth. Silicon Tech Solutions, Inc. provides integrated SAP warehouse management solutions to help organizations reduce costs, and increase supply chain productivity and throughput.

Reduce inventory costs, align processes with warehouse layout

  • The SAP warehouse management solution with RF mobile integration from Silicon Tech Solutions, Inc. provides real-time visibility into warehouse stocks, movements, and operations. The solution helps you achieve high levels of inventory accuracy and storage space optimization. Using the solution, you can also better plan workloads to improve labor productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

  • The SAP extended warehouse management solution with rapid deployment solutions from Silicon Tech Solutions,Inc. maximizes the responsiveness of complex logistics operations. The EWM solution aligns all warehouse processes with the warehouse layout and adds RF devices without adding middleware. Silicon Tech Solutions, Inc. also offers flexible and scalable solutions using advanced features like slotting/rearrangement, labor management, graphical warehouse layout, true multi-client ability, MFS integration, catch weight enabled, etc. that meets your business needs.

With preconfigured solutions, organizations can quickly increase current warehouse capabilities with real time inventory visibility.

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