Silicon Tech Solutions

SDL Tridion Features

SDL Tridion gives you control over your entire digital ecosystem from one place, giving your marketers and content contributors full control over content creation, targeting, multi-channel distribution, translations, audience management, social media interaction and site analytics.

This allows marketers to not only create content but also to also effectively measure and track effectiveness so you can optimize your visitors’ online experience as you go.

SDL Tridion provides an easy to use, intuitive interface that allows you to do what you really want to do to create dynamic customer interaction. Consumer innovation has revolutionized our expectations: putting experience at the forefront of our products.

Turn your content contributors into savvy online marketers. SDL Tridion makes it easier for day-to-day users by combining productivity with usability. With true WYSIWYG authoring, it enables editing directly within the context of your website. Content authors can now change text, update images and just drag & drop widgets on the page directly in the preview environment.

Step-by-step wizards make it easy to create new pages. Modifying or rearranging content on a page is also easier with simple drag-and-drop functionality. It’s also touch-enabled meaning that content contributors and editors can more easily edit and review content on the go.