Agile Transformation

Are you an enterprise looking to adapt quickly to the current changing landscape in business?

If you are an enterprise on the path of business transformation, Agile Transformation is a word that you might have come across. Agile is catching fire, and in these uncertain times there is a growing recognition of its transformational benefits.

The SILICON way of Agile Transformation is to be a partner for these enterprises in paving a smooth transition. We provide training services and technical guidance to scale your Scrum, Lean, Agile and DevOps transformation initiatives.

Succeeding with Agile takes quite a couple of training courses. True Agile transformation requires the entire organization to pivot mind-sets associated with collaboration, planning, and delivery. Our Agile Transformation Solution combines coaching, consulting, and training as a holistic approach rich with the change management necessary to affect long lasting organizational change.

SAFe led Agile Transformation

Enterprise DevOps Transformation

Agile Transformation Coaching & Scaling services

Transformation Coaching - Strong network of coaches who engage with enterprises to plan, execute & implement your agile transformation strategy.

Transformation Training - The SILICON way of agile transformation training ensures that your team is fully equipped with the SAFe 5.0 certifications for enterprise business agility.

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