Engagement Models

Maturity-Based Engagement Models

Engagement Maturity Level

  • Global Service Center

    • Many projects follow Managed Services model, with well defined Service Level Agreements

    • Focused on the best resources and state-of-art knowledge

    • Timely, cost-effective solution for global challenges

    • Agility and productivity shared by various centers of excellence

    • Enhanced customer satisfaction through seamless integration with your development strategy

    • Optimized Operational Model, saving substantial management overhead

  • Offshore Delivery Center

    • Stability and scalability of talent and technology

    • Exemplary service quality through dedicated team

    • Established best practices in technical innovation and operation optimization

    • Cost-effective and efficient delivery solution

  • Project Outsourcing

    • Quick access to top-quality solutions delivery and professional services

    • On-time project delivery by a seasoned team

    • Core business and target market focus

  • Staff Augmentation

    • Rapid access to qualified talent

    • Agile resource management

    • Seamless integration with existing team

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