Ramesh Nori


Ramesh Nori is an SPCT - "SAFe Program Consultant Trainer"(SAFe SPCT) for Lean Enterprises (www.scaledagileframework.com) * SAFe stands for “Scaled Agile Framework for an Enterprise.”

He is part of Agilefire team as a Scaled Agile Consultant and Enterprise Coach to train and guide enterprises with Agile transformation.

His latest achievement is to get accepted into SPCT program which is the highest certification being offered by Scaled Agile, Inc. (https://www.scaledagile.com/spct-certification/)

Ramesh Nori is a Certified Lean-Agile Enterprise Coach (OMEC) and a SAFe Program Consultant (SAFe SPC 4.5) for Lean Enterprises.

Previously, he worked as the Director of Agile PMO at SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC. - a US based Marketing software development company, performing his duties as an Enterprise Agile Coach and Release Train Engineer (RTE) for Product Development Initiatives.

A self-admitted agile enthusiast and evangelist with over 14 years in the Project Management field, Ramesh has worked passionately to encourage and support the Organizations in fully embracing Agile methodologies for Product development with the sole vision of making SproutLoud an “Agile Enterprise”.

His latest achievement is the SAFe Program Consultant Certification (SPC 4) from Scaled Agile Academy (SAFe) for Lean Agile Systems.

Prior to joining SproutLoud, Ramesh was involved in Project Management and Client Services at BGT Partners who was later acquired by PwC. Prior to that, he helped establish AGILE Governance at Campus Management Corporation, where he was responsible for setting up SDLC Implementation and Project Management. Other former employers include Home Diagnostics Inc. and JC Industrial Corporation.

His vast areas of expertise and interests include Scaled Agile implementation, Program and Portfolio Management, Simplified solutions with Agile methods involving common sense approaches.

Ramesh also has a Master's Degree in Collaborative Project Management.


  • SAFe® Remote Trainer - 2020 Scaled Agile, Inc.
  • SPCT - 2020 Scaled Agile, Inc.
  • Agile Product and Solution Management (APSM) - 2019 Scaled Agile, Inc.
  • SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE 4) - 2018 Scaled Agile, Inc.
  • OrgMindset Enterprise Agility Coach (OMEC) - 2018 Orgmindset.com
  • Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant 4.0 (SPC 4) - 2015 Scaled Agile, Inc.
  • PMI-ACP - 2011 Project Management Institute
  • PMP - 2009 Project Management Institute


Florida International University - 2000-2003

MSIE, Industrial and systems engineering

Andhra University - 1993-1997

Bachelors,Mechanical Engineering

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